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Written by Steve Depoe, Head, Department of Communication

Last April, the Department of Communication asked our alumni to consider making a donation to the Communication Forum fund to support scholarships to help our Communication students to engage in study abroad activities. Our request was presented in a blog post entitled “Inspire the Nation, Change the World, You can Help.”

UC Masters student Sarah Jernigan (left) with two other UC students at Taj Mahal

The appeal produced donations of close to $3000, which we used for scholarships that we awarded during 2014-15 to the following students:

Sarah Jernigan (India – India Transforming Lives) (May, 2015)

Kevin Girgis (Brazil – Spring Semester in Florianopolis) (Spring Semester, 2015)

Tamika Jones (Paris, France – Contemporary Paris Seminar) (Spring Break, 2015)

Courtney Preston (Ireland – Children’s Media Around the World) (June, 2015)

Jacqueline Wright (Ireland – Children’s Media Around the World) (June, 2015)

Jenna Gross (Munich, Germany – Munich Summer Program) (Summer, 2015)

We are asking for your help again this year. In May and June, any donation to theCommunication Forum fund will go toward supporting students in the 2015-16 academic year.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be publishing posts from some of the students who have benefited from the study abroad experiences that you helped to fund.

Nancy Jennings in Ireland, 2014

Nancy Jennings, associate professor in our department, is the director of the Children’s Education, and Entertainment (CHEER) lab, and also the lead faculty member for Study Abroad with Children’s Media. Here is what Nancy says about the importance of alumni support:

“Study abroad is truly a transformational experience. I have seen students grow in so many ways through study abroad – taking courses with a new perspective, deeply engaging in cultures not similar to their own, and making cross-cultural comparisons of lived experiences. As a faculty-leader of a study abroad program, I see firsthand how students struggle with finances and make tough decisions at home and while abroad. It makes me proud to know that the Department of Communication can offer financial support to these students who have made the commitment to embrace such a challenging yet rewarding learning experience that enhances their education.”

Go to the Communication Forum donation page and make a contribution today!! We can change the world—one student at a time!!!

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