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Exploring Diverse Career Paths: UC Communication Alumni Making Waves Across the Nation

Updated: Mar 28

We are so lucky to have so many UC Communication Graduates giving back to their alma mater, no matter where they are located. We have mentors from Washington, DC, Oregon, New York, and Ohio. With careers in Biomed, Digital Marketing, Legal, HR, Consulting, Non-profits, and Communications, we are able to provide a wide range of opportunities for our mentees to get a peek into all the different career paths you can take with a Communication degree.

UC FOC 2024 Mentorship Pairings

  • Lauren Artino, Director of Digital Programming at Game Day Communications + Yabesira Tiruneh, University of Cincinnati Class of 2024

  • Hannah Ko, Event Manager at Enterprise Events Group + Tiah Mclean, University of Cincinnati Class of 2026

  • Kelsie Petersen, Marketing Coordinator at McGill Smith Punshon (MSP) + Lola Ashinger, University of Cincinnati Class of 2025

  • Tyra Robinson, Associate Attorney at Alden Law Group + Aroosh Rajouria, University of Cincinnati Class of 2024

  • Abby Ober, Director of Engagement at Main Street Ventures + Grace Bolone, University of Cincinnati Class of 2024

'I've always wanted to give back and share my time and talents. When I received the email about being a mentor, I knew it would be a perfect fit. And when I met Yabi, my mentee, the choice to join this program was solidified. Our conversations are fun and constructive, and we both walk away having learned something new. To anyone looking for an impactful way to give back and help current UC students, this is your sign!'


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