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Unlocking the Power of AI: A Student's Perspective

Updated: Mar 28

By Joey Mazzone, FOC Intern, Communication Major, University of Cincinnati Class of 2025

I remember the spring of 2022, as I was in the thick of my second semester as a freshman here at the University of Cincinnati, complaining and texting my friends about how I had no desire to finish my homework for the week. "Just use ChatGPT," I got as a reply. I swiftly responded with a "?". After that, I was introduced to my first artificial intelligence (AI) tool. Two years later, AI has evolved rapidly for us students, for better and worse.

When taking my courses in 2022, my classes required a lot of writing. I attempted to use AI to assist with my assignments, but the results generated by AI strayed away from what I was trying to write about. It took some trial and error, but I eventually learned how to use it. 

At the time, most of the prompts I entered into AI websites revolved around basic everyday choices. "What should I make for dinner?" Great, let me find the ingredients. "What are some more niche clothing websites?" Cool, let me check these out. I used artificial intelligence like Google just because it consolidated information better.

Once I used iAI more, I realized it could help me academically. There are dishonest ways to utilize artificial intelligence, but the honest ways go a lot farther for my academics. I generate relatable and personalized definitions for my quizlets, get more descriptive synonyms for my speeches, and find outside-the-box ways to attack my assignments.

Nowadays, I still utilize AI mainly to help consolidate my writing outlines but also because I want to stay up to date with AI. Fearing, ignoring, and dismissing AI will only put us behind the curve compared to those who embrace and find the most valuable aspects of AI. AI is still so young and ever-evolving, and while it has downsides, I am part of the new generation looking to find ways to enhance my work. When approaching AI, I preach that you cannot replace the human aspect of art but can streamline efficiency. AI is here to stay, and as a student, I'm excited to learn new tools and stay ahead of the technology curve. 


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