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Meet Rose Mogol, UC Communication Alumna and Art Director for the Walt Disney

Updated: May 31, 2023

By: Alyssa Wallen

Pictured: Rose Mogol

Rose Mogol, University of Cincinnati (UC) 2003 alumna, knew she wanted to create lasting relationships throughout her student and professional careers, and the Department of Communication was there every step of the way. With the help of Professor-Educator, Lisa Newman, and Associate Professor, MJ Woeste, Rose explored various internship opportunities that led her to the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida, in her sophomore year. That first experience with the company compelled Rose to return for a professional internship post-graduation and eventually establish a professional home that allowed her to grow her career for 19 years and counting!

When asked what drew her to the Walt Disney Company, Rose said, "I loved that I could go anywhere with this company." The versatility that Disney offers allowed Rose to explore different avenues. From the beginning of her professional Disney career in event sales in 2003, as a floral designer in 2005, and ultimately, her current role as an art director for the Disney Event Group, the possibilities are endless. As many alumni know, a degree in communication can take you almost anywhere, and Rose is no exception. In her current role, she uses the communication skills acquired at UC to plan, create, and lead end-to-end activations and experiences. Whether she’s working on floral design for a group gathering or imagining a grand event for top cast members at Disney, communication is central to bringing her magical visions to life.

Dreamy blue and EAR-idescent rose gold served as the color palette for this event inspired by the Walt Disney World® Resort’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Elegance meets the wild in this set design, from curated gold flatware and printed leaf place cards to heart-shaped Filipino palm fans inserted in the floral gathered around a tree. Look for the hidden Mickey within the floral décor!

Rose also attributes her inspiration and work ethic to her background. As a first-generation Filipina, she worked with senior leadership to set up a globally-inspired event in 2022 and was able to use her cultural knowledge to advise on best practices. She’s also an advocate for herself and communicates the “why” when turning down projects from executives whose vision doesn’t align with her cultural practices.

Rose has always carried a desire to create lasting relationships, and as mentioned in the Forbes Article, “A Sense of Community at Work," the need for community is powerful. So how do you find your community when you're one of more than 60,000 employees? Rose encourages us all to “start small.” In the early stages of her career, she made an effort to find her own “family” within Disney, keeping it small. She started by cultivating relationships with colleagues, eventually expanding her network throughout her tenure.

Rose’s career accomplishments are inspirational, and many of us would be fortunate to find a home for our career within one company. But what if you’re looking to take that next career step and there aren’t specific roles that match what you’re looking for? Rose’s best advice is, “Be open and flexible; just because a job description says something, it doesn't always mean what it is – be open to learning and deciding if a position is right for you." Much like Rose, you'll identify over time what your strengths are, and sometimes with the help of others in your network, you can carve out your path.

Dinner in Wonderland. In partnership with fellow Art Directors, creative directors, scenic support, and floral designers, this design was created in line with the story from Alice in Wonderland, complete with mismatched chairs, vibrant floral among oversized teapots, and vintage china. The teacups by each place setting are edible chocolate favors.

Interested in learning more about Rose’s career with the Disney Event Group? Check out “Five Minutes with Rose Mogol.”

Rose at a Pixar-themed Summit Conference

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