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Introducing the Joint BFA in Games and Animation: A Cutting-Edge Collaboration at UC

Games and Animation (GAA) is a joint Bachelor of Fine Arts degree between SCFMS in A&S and the School of Art in DAAP. It is a rigorous, studio-model degree that takes advantage of our new lab spaces in Clifton Court Hall, emphasizes students' critical engagement with media and their systems of representation, and fosters collaborative creative work for future portfolios. The studio model allows advanced GAA students to recruit and mentor first and second-year students for more ambitious work. The program is grounded in the liberal arts and the fine arts, which can be found in the equal division of courses between A&S and DAAP. The founders of the program –– Todd Herzog, Jordan Tate, Mike Gasaway, and Evan Torner –– reject the separation between theory and practice, art and industry, and conception and production. Over 50 students have already been accepted into the Fall 2024 cohort. The BFA accompanies the BA in Digital Media and its new Games Certificate in a renewed effort to increase the profile and quality of UC's already robust media offerings.


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