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The Department of Communication has a New Name

Lillian Trimble, Communications Class of 2023
College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador


The department of Communication is excited to announce that it is becoming the School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies. This will be the first school within the College of Arts and Sciences. The school is made up of Digital Media Collaborative, Film and Media Studies, Communication and Public Relations majors.

Dr. Suzanne Boys, who is a part of the leading effort to form the school, says, “Many students intuitively understand the interplay among communication, film, media, and PR. What they haven’t understood is how to put together a collegiate experience that taps into all those areas. The school will give students a central hub to access the curriculum, extracurricular opportunities, and faculty in those four areas.” Communication and PR students will be able to take classes in the DMC and FMS programs and vice versa. Schools of media are found at universities all over the globe. What this means for UC is that they are responsive and are current with trends already seen.

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