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Note from the President: You Did It!

Kevin Must


It is hard to believe we are closing out another year, but this one especially will never be forgotten. We would first like to congratulate the Fall 2020 graduating class on all their accomplishments and commend all students on their resiliency in adapting to new learning methods AND ways of life over the past eight months. The “new normal” isn’t quite so normal, but you did it! Secondly, we applaud all faculty and staff at UC for making such drastic changes in conducting best in class education and research. While your plans may have changed, your end goal did not. You adapted, and persevered. Getting our students across the finish line and on the path to success during a global pandemic was no small feat, and you deserve all the recognition and applause.

With news of the first round of vaccines shipping in the weeks ahead, a brighter tomorrow is on the horizon. That said, please do your part to stifle the spread this holiday season by taking the proper precautions. This has been an especially challenging year, but just remember that overcoming such a huge once-in-a-century catastrophic event only makes us better prepared for anything life may throw our way.

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year. Stay safe, but most importantly, stay healthy!

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