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How a Mentor Helped Me: A Student Perspective

Lillian Trimble, Communications Class of 2023
College of Arts and Sciences Ambassador


It is about that time of year when Friends of Communication pairs alumni with current students for the mentorship program. Speaking from personal experience as a mentee, this is absolutely one of the greatest things I did in my (albeit very young) career. My mentor was 2017 graduate and student athlete, Emma Gresser. Some of you may know Emma from your time at UC and within the department. She is AMAZING, she’s so sweet and kind and was one of the most helpful people I’ve had when it comes to getting my foot in the door as someone studying communication, PR, and marketing.

Even though she was in Washington D.C. and living a very hectic life, she still managed to hop on a monthly facetime call with me. We would talk about everything. From what classes to take, to amazing profs, to her being one of my cheerleaders when I got my co-op at a non-profit this summer and giving me great feedback on press releases and resumes. Having a mentor was what helped me continue to find my passion for working in social media. Emma made a huge impact on my professional career and to her, I would like to say “Thank you so much, you are truly one of my favorite humans ever!”

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