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Taking My Communication Degree Abroad: A Bearcat in Barcelona

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Visit to Park Güell

Written by Abbey Klever (Communication BA 16, Communication MA 17)

Abbey Klever

When I transferred to the University of Cincinnati I discovered a new-found love for the field of Communication and the Department of Communication at UC immediately felt like home. Something about the enthusiasm of the instructors within the department made me want to work hard to learn as much as possible and build the best network possible while at the University of Cincinnati. I was accepted to the 4+1 MA program during my junior year and began pursuing my master’s while finishing my final year in my bachelor’s. As a part of my Graduate School experience I worked as a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Communication with Dr. Steve Depoe and the Friends of Communication Alumni Board.

Edelman Barcelona Office View

After graduating with my MA in the Spring of 2017, I decided to build my resume beyond my academic experience and accepted a summer internship at Edelman in Barcelona. Edelman is the world’s largest public relations firm, with a commitment to communication, quality, creativity, and global citizenship.

As an intern at Edelman, I am working on two main accounts- Dow Water and Process Solutions and Silgan Dispensing Systems (formally known as WestRock). The Dow Water and Process Solutions account focuses on market leading product performance, a unique and differentiating approach to service and collaboration to support sustainable, plentiful supplies of water, and solving some of the world’s greatest challenges in health, energy, transportation, infrastructure and sustainable consumption through innovation. The Silgan Dispensing Systems account focuses on the packaging of beauty and personal care products, helping brands deliver superior packing performance for customers. My work on these two accounts includes assisting with the compilation of media coverage reports, monitoring client competition coverage, writing pitch letters and emailing pitch memos to vendors, pitching the media, conducting and compiling research, and assisting with the preparation of press kits for distribution.

Gaudí House Museum

I have enjoyed being able to apply the knowledge I gained at the University of Cincinnati to a real-life work setting. My time spent in the Department of Communication at UC has prepared me by providing me with the confidence and knowledge necessary to work at the world’s largest public relations firm. While school can feel daunting at times, I encourage students to make the most of every moment they have during their academic careers, because it certainly pays off when you have the chance to successfully apply the knowledge and skills you have gained in a workplace setting. It’s truly a dream come true to have the opportunity to live in Spain and work as an intern for an amazing company, and I am forever grateful for the Department of Communication and the incredible mentors that have guided me through my academic career.


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