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Finding a Home and Transforming Lives in Communication

Written by Marthe Church Alexander (BA '05, MA '09). Marthe is a Board Member and Chair of the Development Council for UC Friends of Communication.

I use a lot of words to describe myself. I am a wife, a life-long Cincinnatian, a hard-worker at a local non-profit, Bengals fan – the list could go on and on. Another way that I describe myself is as a double graduate from the Communication Department at the University of Cincinnati. Not only did I receive two degrees from UC, I am also a faculty member as an Adjunct Instructor.

Because of my ongoing involvement with UC, it wasn’t really a question when I was asked to join the Friends of Communication board.

But I should backtrack a bit. I didn’t start at UC as a Communication major; I actually began in Early Childhood Education– I was going to be a Kindergarten teacher (finger paint and all!).  When I realized that wasn’t my desired path, I met with an advisor and switched my major to Communication. Before that meeting, I truly didn’t know this major was an option but, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Becoming a Communication major changed me for the better. I was surrounded by people that became lifelong friends, I was taking classes that challenged and stimulated me, I was learning theories that made sense and helped me understand the world better. I felt at home. This is why it is so important to give back to UC. I’m sure everyone has a story that makes them feel connected to UC or better yet, the Department of Communication. When you stop to remember your story or memory, please remember that you have the ability to give that to someone else.

Recently, you may have received a letter that outlines our goals as the 2016-2017 Friends of Communication board, as well as details five scholarship funds that are available to Communication students; these are now supported through a five-year campaign, Explore Comm @ UC campaign. Donating to one of these funds gives students the potential to find their “home” within the Department of Communication. Each student at the University of Cincinnati has the capability to shine.  

Just like my life was transformed many years ago, it is possible for you to transform the lives of students now. We hope that you will consider becoming a Friend of Communication and help us create lasting connections for students that will transform their education and their lives!

For more information on each of our five Communication scholarships or to make a donation, click here.

Marthe Alexander (BA ’05; MA ’09) is a lover of UC! She lives in Clifton’s Gaslight District with her husband, Tony! Marthe’s full-time job is Operations Manager at Matthew 25: Ministries, a disaster relief and humanitarian aid non-profit organization located in Blue Ash, Ohio. AtMatthew 25: Ministries her main responsibilities include inventory management, logistics and managing the entire marketing calendar for the year. She teaches three classes each semester at UC in Business Communication and Public Relations. Marthe attests that she wouldn’t be where she is professionally without her degree in Communication. She tells her students at the beginning of every semester that Communication skills are one of the top sought after skills in every job search. She is grateful for her Communication degrees and is fully committed to giving back to UC!


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