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Clifton Court Halls Opens for Fall Semester!

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

By Joey Mazzone, FOC Intern, Communication Major University of Cincinnati Class of 2025

What do 185,000 square feet and nearly $100 million in new construction bring to the University of Cincinnati's (UC) largest college? Clifton Court Hall (CCH), UC's most recent substantial academic investment, with a $93 million price tag over two years, serves as the home of the College of Arts & Sciences (A&S). It houses classrooms, academic offices, study areas, lounges, and research opportunities. This welcoming facility will set the stage for many future academic success stories.

But what sets CCH apart, especially when compared to its predecessor, A&S Hall? To begin with, the ambiance. Stepping into a naturally-lit, open atrium invites curiosity and fosters productivity. For years, students and faculty eagerly anticipated a new home, as A&S Hall was often described as "outdated" and "out of style." A&S students lacked the convenience of a renovated hub for their education, often having to traverse the campus for classes, meetings, office hours, and academic opportunities.

The architecture firm LMN Architects aimed to "foster a vibrant ecosystem of research, learning, and social engagement" with CCH, and it appears to be working. Students and faculty have access to a variety of rooms and academic spaces, providing over a thousand classroom seats. The firm also emphasizes the atrium as an "anchor" for the community space.

One of the most inviting aspects of the building is its academic diversity. As the home of A&S, it offers a wide range of courses for all majors and disciplines, a departure from academic buildings that house only specific fields of study.

The present is just the beginning for the University of Cincinnati's Arts & Sciences programs at Clifton Court Hall. This long-term investment promises to bring UC publicity, enhance student resources, improve research opportunities, create a welcoming hub, and provide a place that A&S students and faculty can truly call home.

Dr. Nancy Jennings, Interim Director of the School of Communication, Film, and Media Studies is optimistic of the future Clifton Court Hall brings, explaining “We are already seeing students find a home in our new building. There are open spaces with tables where students have been spending time with each other between classes and quiet nooks with outlets for devices for some solitude as well. In addition, there is a new computer lab space just for our students where we are having classes and a fully operating equipment room where students are trained to use the equipment that they reserve for their classes and projects. There are plans to build an audio booth and green screen space as well. The possibilities are endless and the enthusiasm is boundless. I can't wait to see what's next!”


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