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Alumni Reflections – Department of Communication Scholarship Recipients

I was lucky enough to receive the Rudolph F. And Kathleen S. Verderber Challenge Scholarship for the 2017-2018 school year. This scholarship allowed me the opportunity not only to support my academic pursuits, but supported me while on a internship as Walt Disney World. It enabled me to pursue a dream internship and allowed me to continue my academic journey by enrolling in courses and not letting finances and distance get in the way.

- Katie Nanney

Michelle Flannagan

I received the Communication Alumni Scholarship from the Department of Communication. It has definitely positively impacted my career here at UC. It’s allowed me to have flexibility in my workload and extracurricular activities, rather than having to have a job in order to make ends meet. This scholarship helped me be able to take two unpaid internships at Cincinnati Magazine downtown, something I would not have been able to do with out assistance. These internships were invaluable; not only did I learn a ton about the market, and what I want to do after graduation, but I’ll be returning in the spring for a paid position.

– Michelle Flannagan

Diana Casteel

I applied for the Study Abroad Scholarship to help fund my trip to Ireland. This scholarship helped make my abroad experience possible. I had such an amazing experience learning from the producers of children’s television shows. This trip really was a once in a lifetime opportunity! It was incredible to be able to speak with industry leaders about issues of representation and identity. I am so grateful to the department, and many supporters. I would encourage all students to apply for scholarships as it is a simple process, but can make such a huge difference in their lives!

– Diana Casteel

Hailey Evans

Receiving the Warren and Elaine Lashley Scholarship helped me in more ways than one. It impacted my ability to sleep at night, knowing I wasn’t going completely into debt by taking out massive amounts of student loans. It also introduced me to people I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet in the Department of Communication. Winners of scholarships are invited to CommCeleb, which is a fantastic networking event that I was fortunate enough to attend and accept my award. I was able to connect with my professors on a personal level outside of the classroom and make those important, professional connections.

– Hailey Evans

Sierra Bell

It has always been my dream to study abroad and gain a different perspective of the world, new cultures and by doing so I would grow as a student and person. When I received an email from the Department of Communication to apply for a study abroad scholarship — I knew that I had to! This scholarship allowed me to gain valuable life experiences that many students in similar financial positions do not have the opportunity to do. This scholarship, along with other scholarships, and saving money from my Communication co-op’s allowed me to travel to 11 different countries and over 15 European cities without accumulating more loans and student debt. While in Valencia Spain, I was able to broaden my passion for communication by taking courses in international relations and communications. Being able to see the world and different cultures also helped shape my career path — to work for an international company in communications / global ops.

- Sierra Bell

During my time at the University of Cincinnati, I was blessed by the financial support from many individuals I had never met. The Lucille Pederson Scholarship and the Communication Alumni Scholarship Fund made my dream of becoming a first generation college student a possibility. As a graduate of the class of 2013, I became the first in my family to graduate from a four year institution and proud alumni of The University of Cincinnati.

– Laura Haley

Tamika Jones

As the first recipient of the Lisa H. Newman Scholarship, I was honored to receive needed monetary support in the name of someone who has been an extraordinary role model to me as a communication student. The scholarship enabled me to serve the UC community as a leader in many student organizations as well as intern abroad my junior year at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico. I enjoyed each and every one of my classes because my professors were so passionate about the curriculum they were teaching. These experiences are what helped me to be successful throughout my four years and in my professional law enforcement career. The Lisa H. Newman Scholarship embodies the generosity and support the Communication program and alumni have for students at the University of Cincinnati.

- Tamika Jones

Alyssa Muffet

The Communication Alumni Scholarship gave me the opportunity to achieve my goal of graduation from the University of Cincinnati, despite true financial hardships. It enabled me the opportunity to embark on several internships, work less hours at my full time job so I could focus on school, and ultimately – provided the chance to set myself apart from countless other graduates with a degree from the #hottestcollegeinamerica. I was fortunate enough to obtain a job with my top company, and have built a career based on the foundation of knowledge I gained during my time as a Bearcat. Thank you, UC – I owe it all to you!

– Alyssa Muffet

I was honored to be sleeved for the Communication Alumni Scholarship. With it, I would truly commit myself to learning all there was to learn at my advertising and marketing job. Upon graduation, I accepted a full time position at the company in which I interned and I believe it was in part because I was able to give my all.

- Julie Rose

Olivia Donnelly

During my time at The University of Cincinnati, studying Communication and Public Relations, I was awarded the Communication Alumni Scholarship. This scholarship allowed me to immerse myself in my studies instead of worrying about the dollars and cents that come with college. It also instilled a confidence in both myself and my work ethic and acted as a reminder that I was on my way to achieving great things in the communication field. This scholarship, my edition and the staff of UC Communication all aided me in my pursuit of becoming a leading voice in the Communications field at a Fortune 500 company and achieving my goals as a young professional.

– Olivia Donnelly


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