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Public Relations is now a Major!

Emily Fernback


The Department of Communication is proud to announce the new Public Relations Bachelor of Arts degree which opened in January of this year. According to Dr. Suzanne Boys, this is the culmination of a number of years of work. The process of creating a new major is a challenge even within the faculty community due to the influx of ideas, opinions, and perspectives. Listening to different voices in consensus building ultimately provides a stronger foundation for the major. After just one semester, 46 students have already declared the PR major.

What makes the PR major different from the communication major? It focuses students on a particular industry. Communication, a generalist degree, trains students with broad skills while PR is more specified to particular sets of jobs. When it comes to core course requirements, PR is similar to its already existing certificate requirements, but expanded.

Dr. Boys has expressed how much she enjoys the work she has taken on because of the great community at UC. “I want to extend a huge thank you to our alumni community and I hope they know how much we value and appreciate them,” she finished.

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